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Here are the give some LOVE Nominations-Grab a tissue.

Okay everyone-here are the nominations that people sent me (I changed all of the names for privacy). Take a minute to read through, but I warn you to grab a tissue. I am sure these stories will touch your heart. I am going to make sure that every single one gets some love this holiday season!!


I would like to nominate my friend Brian. Three years ago he lost his arm in a car accident and was in the hospital for months. During that time, he told me that he felt blessed he was alive and he really wanted to make changes to be a better person. Today he is dating a wonderful woman named Jill, started back to school to be a teacher and every week he volunteers his time either talking to other people who have lost limbs or working with troubled kids who need tutoring. He never whines or complains about what he has lost, but keeps moving forward. He inspires me to appreciate everyday. Beth it would be great if you could do a session with Brian and Jill-I think they both would love it. Either way, thank you for your kindness and Happy Holidays.


I would like to nominate Denise and Robert for your photo shoot surprise. They have two children and I am positive you have never met a couple like the two of them. Robert has ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease) and instead of spending his time wallowing in self pity and misery (which he is entitled to do ) he has pulled himself up and is speaking about living with the knowledge that you are dying at various churches in the area. His wife Denise is the most upbeat positive person I have ever met and this might be their last family photo. Robert is 42 years old and Denise is 39.

I would like to nominate them an inspiration to all.

Thank you for your consideration


What a wonderful idea to show BCP love this holiday!!! I would like to nominate my Pastor Tom and his wife, Lois. He is not only a wonderful teacher and leader but he is a great father and friend to everyone. He wants nothing more than to make a difference in the world. He motivates me every day by his example to reach out to others not only my equals but those who are less fortunate. He sacrifices so much for our church, the community and his family that I think it would be such a great blessing to him to be able to experience a little “thank you” love. His wife is currently pregnant with their second child and he’s working full-time, ministering full-time and going to school full-time. He is just a great guy and I think very deserving.



My wife loves you and I love my wife.


Hey Beth…

I am nominating a special friend and her amazing daughter. Brenda is mom and Katilyn is daughter. In September of this year, she was rushed to the ER and out of the blue, Katilyn was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. She went into the hospital an innocent 7 year old with a free spirit and childlike innocence. She came home stressed, scared and unsure. Having to think about and concentrate on all her food and drink intake. She can’t even have a snack with her friends in class without having to worry. Katilyn is a very special little girl. She seems mature beyond her years but still has the sweetest tiniest voice. She has a head full of long curly hair, a heart made of gold and now has fell in love with dancing….

Please choose Katilyn, she is a sweet girl with a big illness, but she is a fighter and true inspiration to others…..

Thank you


Hi Beth. First let me say that your kindness with your contests is very touching.

My mother (who was also my best friend) passed away six and a half years ago.

I always had the good intention of having photos done of my Mom, myself and my

daughter Lori but unfortunately, Mom passed away before I ever acted

on it. My Dad is now 73 years old. Since my Mom’s passing he has become my

best friend. Dad is in good health but has Parkinson’s. I want to nominate him for

your contest, so that he and I and Lori, along with her two children (Dad’s first two

great grandchildren) can have a professional photo taken together. He has been such

a blessing to all of us. He has a heart of gold and would give us the shirt off his back,

even if it was the only one he owned. My Dad is only 5′2″ tall, but he’s the biggest

man I know. Christmas giving is small for Dad, which we all understand, but it hurts

him that he can’t do more. For him to be given this opportunity and then have the

photo to look at and love….well, it would mean the world to me. Dad is not on FB, as

he gave up his computer to cut some living cost, but both Lori and I are your FB friends.

Thanks so much Beth, just

writing this makes me feel good. Happy Holidays.


I would like to nominate my daughter Abby. You probably don’t know but I have been almost totally disabled for the last year. I have no income and, until a few weeks ago, no medical insurance. Abby has taken care of me, financially and physically, since I became unemployed. She is working full-time and going to school part-time to get her Masters Degree, and planning her wedding and worrying about me.. All her income goes to the daily expenses which leaves nothing left over and I have never once heard her complain. She has spent nothing on herself since she took me in. She is such a diva so I know how hard this has been for her.

I may be a little prejudiced, but I believe she more than deserves a little BCP love this holiday season.


Hi Beth-

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to take a minute to nominate my wife Stacey. Stacey is the most important person in my life and this year, after I was laid off she showed me how much she loves and supports me. First off she would not let me pity myself or be depressed, she gave me words of encouragement and when needed, a swift kick in the butt. After I took a job that took me away from our family 2-3 times a week, she never complained. She works full time, is the most amazing Mom to our two boys and still finds time to volunteer her time to both the school and to an organization that sends care packages to our troops. It is hard to put into words how much I love her and would do anything for her, even knowing she is going to kill me when she reads this.

Stacey always talks about how nice you are and with this way that you are giving back I totally agree.

Thanks for letting me nominate Stacey and Happy Holidays.


Susan is my mother and she has had a significant influence in my life, is my greatest love and the one that I am always proud of. My mother is a very good looking woman even though she dresses semi off at times, if you have ever ventured into Fig she is the lady that will smile like she has known you forever and wants to know how your children are. She is the kind of person whom everyone wants to make friends with because she is very charming, honest and reliable. My mother is an extraordinary person. Life has not always been easy for her, she lost her mother at the age of 18 to cancer no one knew she had, married my father and although he is a wonderful man, I can honestly see how he would be a horrible husband. Although she is super stifling to me with emails, text messages (which should be banned for parents), and facebooking (another thing that I would like to un-teach) I know my mother wants to forge a relationship with me that she was unable to obtain with her own. I am a loud mouth sarcastic pain in the butt who not always treats my mother with the love and respect that I do have for her. She works her butt off to not only lighten my load but to help those in Lancaster who need it as well as helping the city itself. She loves Lancaster with a passion that I cannot explain nor have ever felt for a person let alone a city.


I nominate Kristina Smith and her wonderful family.

The Smiths have had quite the year with illness and interesting wrenches being thrown into their daily lives, but through it all the Smiths, especially Kristina have stayed positive in a way that blows my mind. It started toward the beginning of the year when Kristina (a woman in her mid thirties) came down with the kissing disease – yes MONO! We all know how mono takes its toll on high school kids, but the effect on adults, or at least Kris, was tenfold. Kris is a stay at home mom to three children, James, Holly and Claire. James and Holly were both in school at the time, but Claire is in part-time preschool and was home with Kris through most of this. Bob Smith, the patriarch of the family, has a demanding job for a local bank that forces him to work long hours, travel and attend nightly engagements. Kris also teaches several classes in the evening paralegal and business programs at HACC. Simply, Kris was not a woman who could fall into bed and sleep away her kissing disease. Nonetheless, I never heard her complain (even though she’s an avid distance runner and had to give up her favorite form of exercise). She rallied and survived, despite later contracting a lung disease and enduring several bouts with strep throat before all was said and done. And when she was well, what did Kris do? She threw an open house to thank her friends for all they had done to help her and her family through the sickness.

Next on the pipeline was a horrific bout with pneumonia by middle child Holly. By the time Holly was diagnosed with the correct strain of pneumonia and given the correct antibiotic, she had missed two months of school, countless birthday parties and play dates and even trick or treating on Halloween! Not to mention she was a very sick child! And what was the Smith’s reward when Holly finally began to get well? Being told by their School District that she had missed too much time from school to return this year. So . . . Kris added elementary school teacher to her repertoire and enthusiastically embraced home schooling. Again, did the Smith’s complain? Nope. Instead, Kris and Holly had another open house! But this time, not only were they getting their friends and family together, they were giving back. Here is how the Evite read:

“This isn’t your typical open house. This is a special gathering of friends, a different kind of jewelry party.

We’re raising hope. Months, many months before Holly became ill, she came to me with an idea. After being asked by her life group leader at LCBC how she might use her talents to make a difference for others, Holly decided that she wanted to make and sell jewelry to raise money for the people of Haiti. We decided to contact Bead for Life to combine her efforts with theirs and host a Bead for Life party. We decided we would be able to raise money for the HIV positive and impoverished women in Uganda, while also raising money for the people of Haiti.

Then, Holly’s pneumonia came on the scene. She didn’t improve. Her diagnosis was uncertain. I had the beads, I had the jewelry that we and the women of Uganda had made, I had a date picked out and I had no idea how I could get it together to host a party.

But now, it’s all so clear.

This party can’t wait until my life is calm.

There are HIV positive woman in Uganda who are rolling beads into paper filled with the hope that they will receive medicine, that they will eat. There are folks in Haiti who have no food, who are suffering through illness without LGH and the health campus and consults from Hershey Med and the Mayo Clinic and health care and copays and family.

So, my house might be a little dusty and the snacks might be pre-made, but the hugs will be warm, the laughter will be loud and the cause will remain great. ”

I was more than touched at this family’s ability to persevere and continue thinking of others despite chaos in their own lives. Oh and did I mention that the oldest child was only recently diagnosed with Aspergers? You’ll never guess how the family dealt with it? They embraced it as an explanation for why their son was so darn special.

Simply, this is a family who is the antithesis of selfish despite trials and tribulations in their own life. They bring sunshine to so many in so many ways that it’s time to bring a little sunshine into their lives. How better to do that than with the sunshiny style of Beth Cardwell. Beth, you may remember taking photos of this family when their youngest daughter came into their lives from an Indian orphanage. Well Claire and the Smiths have grown and I think it’s time they had some new pictures taken of their more than beautiful, more than inspiring, more than loving family!

Merry Christmas and thanks for paying it forward,


Dear Beth-

I would like to nominate my daughter Pam for some BCP love this holiday. Months ago she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it turned our family’s world upside down. Pam is very lucky, she is young (41) and caught the cancer early enough that the Drs feel she is going to make a full recovery. She is in treatment now and it is hard on a father to see his daughter struggle and be sick. Through all of this, Pam has been an inspiration to me, not just because she does not complain or cry “unfair”, but because she lives everyday to the fullest. She is a wonderful Mom to my 2 grandchildren: Missy, 3 and Sam, 5 as well as a loving wife to my son-in-law Sean. She mentioned that as soon as she feels up to it, she is going to go and get portraits taken of the family, because she doesn’t want anything to happen and not have a family picture together. When I saw your FB page, I knew I had to write you. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to nominate Pam and God bless.


The one nice thing about owning your own business is that you get to make the rules. So with that said-there is no way that I will be able to decide the top 5 nominations for the “BCP Give some Love for the Holidays” for you to like. My heart was touched by 11 nominations, whether it was funny, supportive or sad. The original thought was to give the person with the most likes a gift card towards a session, but instead I am going to give something to everyone who was nominated. By Tues, I will have the stories posted for you to read and you can like them all, and not feel pressured to choose one over the other. Thank you to all (the nominators) who took the time to do something kind for someone else-that was a big part of why I couldn’t leave anyone out. Many blessings to everyone this Holiday Season. -Beth