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Gearing Up for Senior Sessions!

How do you want to be remembered?

Beth Cardwell Photography is looking for Senior Reps for the Class of 2013! If you are interested please send an email to or call me at (717)392-4541. I am taking applications until March 1st!

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Texas2012_0179 copy
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Has it really been since August???

Despite business keeping me hopping-I have really missed updating my blog! It is my goal for 2012 to post more each month, to keep everyone in the loop, since I know not everyone is on Facebook (gasp!!) One of the thing to keep an eye out for is a huge contest in March and starting in April or May a once a week giveaway featuring local Lancaster businesses!! Of course no blog post of mine can be without an image, so here are some of my amazing kids (and yes, I do consider my dog Daisy like one of the kids!!)