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Happy 4th of July!


Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.

I think with the temps today, a little snow wouldn’t hurt! On the 6th Day Of Christmas in July-I am giving away a 10 page 5×5 album. These are a fantastic way to display your favorite images. Not only that, but they come in a bazillion colors and textures (of course my favorite is orange!) Don’t forget to call today if this gift tickles your fancy!!


These guys were much more interested in the playground than me, so my motto-”If you can’t beat ‘em, let ‘em play!” .  Love this image.


12 Days of Christmas in July???

12 Days of Christmas in July??? You betcha!  Starting on July 20th until July 31st 2009,  I will be “gifting” customers who book a session before the end of the  year.  It is very simple-everyday I will announce a new gift. If you call that day and set up a session you get that gift!

There are a couple of rules:
1.)You must call the day the specific gift is listed to receive it.

2.) The Session must be setup before the end of 2009.

3.) This special can not be combined with any other offer and has no cash value.

Ready for the kicker?  One person will be chosen from everyone who participates and will get their session
for free.  That’s right-FREE!!!

Keep an eye out on the Blog, Facebook and Twitter starting on the 20th!


Contest-How well do you know Lancaster City?

Earlier this week  I had a fantastic senior shoot and we went down town and all around.  One thing I love about Lancaster City is there are so many fun and colorful places to shoot.  So here is where the title comes into play-name the street that this mural is on and win a $50 gift card that you can use on your next BCP session.  I am hoping I did not make this too easy.   Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend everyone!


Still on the Face of the Earth

For the first time in over a year and a half, I have gone over a month without posting on my blog!  For Shame on me!  My apologies to all of my loyal blog stalkers followers.  I promise it won’t happen again anytime soon!  Of course no BCP blog post should be without an image so I will leave you with an image that sums up how bad I feel for not posting in a month.

Sad Baby

He’s got the look.

This is Tyson. I met him at a Lancaster Newspapers Mother’s Day Tribute session.  He told me he wanted to be a model so of course I had to grab a couple of shots and post one!  I think hes got the look.

Tyson the Model

Barn Boutique-April 2, 2009

I hope you can make it!

Barn Boutique Flyer

I’m a big sister.

This little sweetie was the same age as her new sister when we had our first session together.   It still amazes me how quickly they grow!

[caption id="attachment_223" align="alignnone" width="900" caption="Big sister"]Big sister[/caption]

Can I help you?

That is what I was asked on Sunday morning by this Dad to be.  When I told him that I was Beth from Beth Cardwell Photography here for a Maternity shoot-he then says “Aren’t you early”?   Guess who forgot  to set their clocks ahead one hour (psst-it wasn’t me)?  I guess I shouldn’t bust this awesome couple too much-I have forgotten to set the clock at least 5 times in my life.  Anyway-the rain held off and it was nice and spring-like outside and we made up for the lost time!  How stunning is this Mama-to-be??!!?? My favorite shot of the day has to be the pregnant lady in the road-so fun!  “T” Family-I will be thinking of you- enjoy your sneak peek!

Pregnant couple

Maternity Couple


Pregnant woman in the road